The fast-paced and challenging neo-arcade game.

Frantically dodge your way to the high score in a series of rage-inducing levels while enjoying a kickass, original soundtrack. Experience trippy visuals while being pulled into a never-ending abyss of addicting, non-stop action.



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about me

Hello, I'm Wesley LaFerriere. Four years ago, I started game development as a hobby and have come to the stage where I am getting ready to release my first game, RFLEX. I started RFLEX after beating Super Hexagon, wanting to make a similar game. I began development in September 2014, setting out to make a challenging, trippy game with unique music and gameplay, and have been working on it since. The original soundtrack was composed by Adhenoid, Ashedragon, and Foreverbound.


Made by Wesley 'wessles' LaFerriere.

Composed by Adhenoid, Ashedragon, and Foreverbound.